Helpful Links page
If you have a link that you think would be useful to others, please send it from the contact us page!  

Photo hosts
This is the photo host I use for my ebay auctions.  It's very realiable and easy to use.  It allows you to upload multiple photos at once which saves time.  I should mention that this is actually a blog site but anyone with a FREE account can use the photo manager.  Images can't larger than 800px unless you pay for premium.
This is another popular photo host. I don't use this one so I don't have a lot of the details but I know a lot of people that that get great results with it.

Template customization
This site is very useful when you're learning how to put templates together.
Neat site that helps you pick colors for your website or template!
Use this site for basic HTML how to's
This site has several useful cheats and shortcuts for different things.  

I am addicted to fonts!  These are some of my favorite sites!
This is my #1 ~ they have TONS of amazing fonts and wingdings!
I've found some good ones here too!

HTML Practice
Amazing place to preview your auction before you post it to Ebay!
Another place to practice html.  This one has a link you can save for a short time just like