Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: How do I insert my images?

A: First, You'll need to find an image host.   For  (There are other suggestions in the Helpful Links tab) Upload desired photos to your chosen host.  Once that is complete, find the section in the html template to add images. It should start with something that looks like this...

< -----  Pictures Come Next -----  >  

Now,  underneath that alert is where you'll insert your hosted image link.   The actual line will look something like this...

< img
src = " " >

You would add only your image link inside the quotes in this line - **NOTE - there should not be any spaces in the line.  I added the spaces here so I could show the actual text instead of the image samplepic.jpg**

Copy and Paste the image code line ( < img src = " " > < br > ) for as many pictures as you need to add to the template.

Q: The Ebay Preview shows jumbled text instead of my template. Why? 

A: I have no good answer for this. ;) Sometimes the ebay preview will not work properly, I'm pretty sure it's something on Ebay's side, because this doesn't seem to happen anywhere else. BUT if you go ahead and post the auction to ebay, the template will show correctly! 



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